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Published: 2021-07-08 05:05:05
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Manual labor from the discussion with my family and friends is a very decent occupation despite the fact that it is widely despised by different people. This view is very justified due to a number of reasons. Though people know that manual work involves the use of one’s hands and energy, the truth is that manual work is more than this. This is because it goes beyond the use of hands and extend into the use of one’s mind. Compared with the intellectual work, which many people over the world eye and long for with the thoughts that it is a decent work, the benefits of manual work go beyond those of the intellectual work.
Although the intellectual work could be more paying than the manual work, the personal satisfaction from the manual work by far outweighs that of the intellectual work. This is because it is normal to have a person having all the money in this work but lacking that important inward satisfaction. This happens in most cases in intellectual work. For the manual work however, as one works in with his or her hands, the muscles are exercised. This exercise is good for personal health and well-being.
Apart from exercising the muscles, the manual work also involve the exercising of the mind. There is a lot of science in the manual work. For instance, manual work like cultivation and harvesting of olives requires a lot of organization and timing. These are scientific processes that involve the mind to a great extend. Therefore, with the satisfaction, the physical exercise, and the brain exercise, it is justified that manual work is by far better

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