Why You Should Be Awarded A West Valley College Scholarship Admission Essay

Published: 2021-07-01 16:10:05
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I am currently in my final semester at West Valley College, majoring in civil engineering. It is my dream to pursue a successful career in this field and I have worked hard to achieve it. However, I have financial difficulties that are reflecting on my studies. I feel that my ambition is being threatened by these problems.
I transferred to the San Jose state last semester, but due to my financial difficulties I was unable to take up the place. To make use of the time, I decided to obtain my final two general education courses.
I am twenty-six years old and I have been in the U.S. for the past five years, having immigrated from Iran. Although I am one hundred per cent confident that I made the right decision, moving to the U.S. was a big upheaval and it took me some time to get used to my new way of life. My career aspirations are what have made it possible for me to remain focussed.
I am currently working as a server at Chevy’s restaurant in order to fund my education. I also used to work for a seven ‘til eleven store, alongside Chevy’s, as I desperately needed the money.
I feel that if I could spend less hours working in my paid job then I would have more time to put into my studies, and would attain better grades. Ideally, as this is my final semester, I would like to reduce my financial stress so that I can concentrate fully on my college work.
If I were to win a scholarship I feel that I would have both more time and energy to achieve my educational goals. I am hardworking, dedicated and conscientious, and I would love the chance to fulfil my potential.

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