Unitary Tract Infections Of Male Paraplegic Population An Article Review Article Review

Published: 2021-07-16 17:50:05
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Unitary tract infection is one of the most common and complicated diseases facing the male segment of the paraplegic population (Hiros, Sadovic & Cavaljuga, 2011). This is according to a research carried out to establish the unitary tract infections of male paraplegic population in relation to different ways of bladder drainage. The research had strengths and weaknesses that either worked in favor or against the outcomes.
The use of cross-sectional study to carry out the survey was vital in the overall success of the research. This is because unitary tract infections are acute conditions affecting the paraplegic male population. Thus the use of cross-sectional study was crucial in assessing such conditions. The use of cross-sectional analysis was also vital in ensuring that the research remained relevant over a long period of time. Similarly, the research extensively analyzed four different ways bladder drainage using catheters. The extensive analysis of the use of indwelling catheters, intermittent catheters, urinary condoms and the use of both intermittent and condom catheters was an added advantage to the strengths of the research.
The weaknesses that faced the research process affected the outcomes of the research. The urine specimens used to carry out the research seemed to be contaminated (Hiros, Sadovic & Cavaljuga, 2011). This could have resulted from the contamination of the specimen urine from exposure to bacteria, as well as, the contamination of specimen containers. Considering that the research was based on the use of catheters, there was a possibility that the urine specimens were affected by the bacteria living in both the catheters and urine itself. Additionally, the fact that laboratory tests could not detect all the contaminations in the specimens was a major weakness.
Unitary tract infections are among the highest morbidity causes among paraplegic male population. Unitary catheters are vulnerable to bacterial diseases based on exposure. The strengths of the research are based on the use of cross-sectional analysis, as well as, the extensive analysis of different ways of bladder drainage. Differently, the vulnerability of the urine specimens to contamination is major weakness.
Hiros, S., Sadovic, S., & Cavaljuga, M., (2011). Incidence of urinary tract infections of male
paraplegics population compared to the way of bladder treatment. Journal of Society for
Development in New Net Environment in B&H, 5(6), 1788-1792.

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