Thesis Proposal on Epic of Gilgamesh vs. Odyssey

Published: 2021-06-30 16:00:05
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The odyssey Homer translated by Robert Fitzgerald and Epic of Gilgamesh Translated by NK Sandars
The overriding issue in the two epics is the interaction between heroism and immorality. In the two epics, the protagonists are portrayed to be hard working, courageous and brave. Contrarily to their moral character traits, they are portrayed to be immoral. In the translation of Homer’s Odyssey, the protagonist has been explicitly built by Robert as a real achiever in heroism context (Hexer & Fitzgerald, p.113). However, Odysseus is immoral and has no respect for himself and women in his community. Sandars translates Gilgamesh’s behavior as conflicting between heroism and evil. The two epics there is an emergence of wickedness and contempt among the heroes.
Heroism and immorality are the common phenomena in the two epical scenarios. In the translation of the odyssey, Odysseus behavior is translated to be opportunistic. The aspect of pragmatism is evident among heroes and the bold. The applause that results amidst the members of the community when one achieves bravely can compel an individual to indulgence in malpractices like immorality. When Odysseus came home, he encounters a tremendous support. Odyesseus perceives the support believing that all women and girls are after him.
The translation of The Epic of Gilgamesh, the protagonist is challenged by social factors like temptations that lead him into perversion. The community demands ethics from every member apart from the physical might. Gilgamesh is strong and capable of pursuing challenging tasks like winning wars and protecting the community. However, like any other person else, he experiences conflicts in the social set up attributed by immoral behaviors of promiscuity (Sandras, p. 347).
The translations of the epics are applicable to the society today since they elaborate on the controversial issues in the community that entails both courteous and ill behaviors. Therefore, the appropriate thesis for this research is that, heroic acts are associated with temptations and opportunism that leads to immorality in the society.
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