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Published: 2021-07-04 00:50:05
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‘TESOL’ is an acronym standing for ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ TESOL is an internationally renowned qualification that allows one to become an English teacher especially in countries where English is not a native English. The main advantage with this qualification is that it equips an individual as an educator, with the principal encounters to both learning and teaching English. At the end of this course, one gets all the necessary tools that enable him/her to teach English efficiently to non-English speakers and at the same time, one learns how to apply different educating techniques that are based on various learners’ profiles and needs. This paper therefore explores and exposes Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages TESOL, its objectives, how the program is run and lastly, the unending benefits and advantages that comes with its completion through graduations.
The programs in TESOL are meant to alert or prepare the developers of curriculums, teachers and researchers in English as an alternative or second language. Programs are based on methods of communication without leaving behind components that are substantial field based of alternative acquisition as well as reflective teaching models that brings together the community, students and colleagues. The goal of learners is to be prepared professionally with a strong and reliable foundation in applied linguistics, literacy and English language. All these, coupled with range knowledge and effective teaching approaches, make a learner to become adjustable enough so as to suit the requirements of another learner from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. TESOL therefore affirms as program moral the values of heritage cultures and languages enabling the learner to consider an additive acquisition of English as a second language.
According to professionals, Teaching English to Speakers of other Language (TESOL) is indeed a very rewarding profession that gives one a chance of living and working abroad. In order for all this to be successful, one requires and internationally acclaimed qualifications of English and qualifications certificates from CELTA for instance, are highly reputable internationally as a teaching qualification. When one qualifies for this certificate, he gains the skills and experience that a successful man can demand whereby it is also very easy for such a person to get a teaching job anywhere in the world.
The following are some of the added advantages that a beneficiary of TESOL expects:
Most nations do consider certifications from TESOL to be to be pre-requisite when it comes to securing an employment as an English educator.
This program familiarizes individuals with lesson plans that are systematic, eloquent teaching facilities and techniques as well as classroom management that is more effective.
One’s fundamental knowledge of skills in grammar and as well as language, is further cemented before facing students.
TESOL also brings out the very best of knowledge and teaching skills, and at the same time, the training imparted allows one’s hands on teaching experience.
Given the fact that there is a lot of demand for qualified TESOL professionals or teachers worldwide, this program promotes the entire fresh vista opportunities in careers.
Requirement for TESOL teachers depends on the location. Therefore, the following are some of the general opportunities for a TESOL educator:
In cases of the new TESOL educators, private language schools, where both adults and children attend classes of English, (mostly conversational), it will therefore be the perfect ground for them to kick start their careers.
High schools, colleges, universities and colleges around the world seek services of professional English teachers, and by holding a TESOL diploma one has an added advantage since there is weight added to his resume.
These teachers also have advantages of earning fortunes from short teaching periods.
The teachers of English as a second language are entitled to private tutoring which entails one-on-one interactions with their learners and it is at the same time rewarding the moment they set up groups of students.
Another major advantage is that one can travel and tour the entire world while still earning. Some of the countries that are likely to be toured by a person who holds a TESOL diploma are: Czech Republic, Taiwan, South Korea, China Turkey, Poland, Argentina, Brazil and Peru, just to mention a few.
TESOL teachers are able to avail unending guidance, information and support after graduation from the course. These teachers have unconditional or rather unconstitutional access to most job databases worldwide, country guides, discussion forums and recruiting services.
There are some of the program objectives in TESOL studies. Upon the completion of studies under this program, graduates are likely to:

Be able to demonstrate highest level of quality and competence in both teaching and planning on the same program.
Make use of latest information technology correctly and effectively, especially during teaching practices and also during TESOL programs.
Utilize such his/her skills in classrooms pedagogies evaluation and assessments.

Effectively reflect on practical activities and properly articulate how theory and practice meet and at the same time, continue advancing as teachers.
Internationally acclaimed M.S.Ed. TESOL profession that is accommodated in the ‘Educated Linguistic Programs’ teaches learners to be able teach English as a second language to non English speakers. This program accentuates multiple functions and roles of teaching English as a second language both in different, social, political and academic world.
Education to all is of paramount importance and therefore TESOL is there to ensure that all is possible. This program has a lot of benefits and it should be embraced by all. It not only gives one an opportunity to tour the world, but it also allows the teacher to intermingle with people from diverse cultures across the world. A TESOL diploma holder has an advantage of getting to know other languages as well since as he teaches, he also gets an opportunity of being welcomed anywhere he/she goes since communication is easier. TESOL is also very imperative since it specializes and focuses on both theoretical and practical characteristics of the field. This program strongly focuses more on sociolinguistics, interactions of various languages as well as intercultural since it is more of class oriented. At the same time, this program promotes the supplementation of academic training with more of practical activities.

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