There Are Two Distinct Ways Of Approaching Work That Can Be Identified From These Course Work

Published: 2021-07-04 00:55:05
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Part One
1. Which designer do you identify with the most? Explain why you identify with them.
The designer by the name, Paula Scher is the one I identify with most. The reason being, Scher tends to be more detailed on the particular issues that pertains design. Moreover, the designer provides a comprehensive demonstration of how the design work should be done. In her case, she incorporates her own design experiences and at the same time brings out a sense of hilarity, which makes the audience give her an ear. In adding flavor on her design talks, she narrates a brief history of how she started the design work and how she has advanced to this date. Furthermore, she even goes a step further and provides an illustration of the various pieces of design works that she has done (Scher, 2009).
2. Can you identify different ways of approaching work from these talks?
Scher connotes that being serious means being solemn or being acute, critical; or requiring much consideration, while as being solemn is being deeply serious. The two terms has a similar meaning but solemn carries a deeper meaning of doing things in a more serious way.
3. Based on your answer to question 1, what did the speaker say that will be useful to your work?
The speaker says that, the approach one undertakes in his or her design work is what that will determine the quality of work. This will also determine the response one will receive from the clients.
Part Two

Which methods are of interest to you?
Being your users
Comparing notes
Fast visualization
Which ways of working are familiar to you?
Comparing notes
Which ways of working are new?
Being your users
Fast visualization

Why have you chosen the four methods? Can you predict which methods will be the most effective for your way of working?
Being your users- I chose this design method as this will help me design out a project that will both be satisfactory to my career design and at the same time meet clients’ expectation.
Brainstorming- Such a design method collaborate ideas together with other designers and by the end of it all makes them tangible and very simple. Bringing ideas together makes anything that seems too complicated to understand and design appear simple.
Comparing notes – I find this design method essential considering that design work becomes tangible and good if others are engaged. Working together by consolidating ideas helps in tackling big issues that might appear hectic if handled by a single person.
Fast visualization- I opt choosing this method considering that envisaging new ideas into design work helps in generating new innovative ways that will help the designer meet the expectations of the clients and at the same time be retained in the market (Design methods, 2010).
Each and every designer has a slight difference in the way they carry out their design work. It all depends on the type of project and the expectations of the client. In my case I tend to use the above four methods. In my first scenario, ‘Being your users’ the method might be a little bit challenging if one is very new in this field. It may not therefore be very obvious that one ought to meet the expectations of the client. Secondly, ‘Brainstorming’ might also be difficult in the sense that there might be a conflict of ideas and others might want to be identified with project much more than the others if in case it happens to succeed. Thirdly, ‘comparing notes’ is an outstanding method that I opt to choose for my working since it identifies anything that has been left out and thus puts it into use. The last but not the least is the ‘fast visualization’, this design might be a little bit difficult if one is not innovative enough to come up with an outstanding design project or model (Design methods, 2010).
In a nut shell, we have found that there are different approaches to the design work and each approach is actually geared towards accomplishing a different set of result. Each approach has its own costs and benefits and we cannot therefore narrow down and single out the best approach since this depends on how the designer applies the method. The design method or the approaches helps the designers innovate or come up with new ideas. In essence this will help in measuring the quality of the design work in terms of the approaches used. The higher the number the affirmative responses to the design approach undertaken, the better the design approach.
Scher, P, 2009, Great design is serious (not solemn)>>
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