Speaking your mind or minding your speech article review

Published: 2021-07-09 02:30:04
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I believe that today people interpret the right for free speech too freely and in fact forget the purpose with which it was adopted. And it is really sad, as I understand that if this right was treated properly, people would have had an opportunity to freely express their mind without the necessity to be reminded of minding their speech. Unfortunately, today it is practically impossible to reach such a situation and I will try to explain why below.
In my point of view, people of our modern society often get too obsessed over simple things. For instance, democratic rights. They are so eager to defend their points of view, and often to show their proficiency and authority in certain fields, that they forget all about the common sense. They defend their right to speak their mind, forgetting that it should be just a means to reach a goal, not the goal itself. Such shift in the focus results in the reality that too much attention is paid to false ideals.
I think that if people analyzed the problem of young generations listening to their speeches that are ‘too free’, they would have changed their attitude in this relation at least for a bit. And it would have already brought about positive results. By describing this situation I first of all want to show that it is not too difficult to find a solution to this problem. In fact, everything that is necessary is to control the process of speaking your mind by minding your speech. Sometimes it can be more difficult, but it will certainly bring positive results if constantly practiced.

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