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Published: 2021-07-13 13:40:06
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Taking this Classic English Literature course has enhanced my abilities of thinking and analyzing. Reading works of great playwrights and novelists like Shakespeare and Dickens has not only improved my vocabulary and understanding but has also taught me to appreciate romance and humor in a deeper way.
Even though I think that I performed most of the tasks set in this course in a largely satisfactory manner, a greater wealth of critical reading material would have been helpful. Reading more critical material would have perhaps helped me form more persuasive arguments about my point of view in my assignments and papers. The most trouble I encountered was in the Shakespeare section of the course, this was mainly because of the archaic language that is used in his plays. Reading the texts in the modern English language alongside the old form of English would have probably made the understanding of this section much easier for me.
In the future everything I have studied in this course will help me because literature not only betters your expression of writing but also opens your mind to think and analyze issues. I believe that I have learnt how to do these things sufficiently through this course. Apart from this I also think that this course has helped me learn about perspectives of different people from a different place and era. Novels from authors like Dickens and Hardy have painted a very real picture of the hardships of life etc.
I do believe that I have achieved the course objectives. Critical thinking, analyzing and learning and appreciating were all part of the course objectives and I think all these skills have been honed because of this course. Everything that I have learnt as a part of the syllabus of this course has been thoroughly helpful in fine tuning skills that will probably help me in the years to come. Moreover the kind of work we did as part of this course has also taught me how to write and research better. These skills are definitely a must for everyone who aims to pursue higher education, thus I believe that I have gained much from taking up this subject.

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