Samsung sings a different tune case study

Published: 2021-07-08 22:25:05
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1. Identify at least three business (or marketing) strategies Samsung uses now or has used in the past.
In danger of getting lost in the market they made a good moving from low end to high end products. Then they solidified it by moving from low end to high end retailers. Next they consolidated their advertizing going from 55 advertizing agencies into one to create a global brand image. With this strong foundation in place they exploited the opening created by the new digital technology
2. What suggestions can you offer Samsung leaders so they can become even more successful in building the Samsung brand?
Everyone fights for the 18 to 35 demographic and you should not stop marketing to them. However, don’t stop there either. People buy into products on an emotional level then justify their purchases on an intellectual level. Expand to take advantage of the “boomers” and other technophobes. Stress how a product like the Samsung Galaxy Note makes it easy for anyone of any age to benefit from its features. Show ads where older folks do not have to put on their glasses to make a phone call, or maybe one where granddad in Florida reads a good night story to a child in metro somewhere. The people will buy if there is a benefit they can believe in.
Another big thing that is evident in your web page is a general tendency to use the passive voice in your copy and try to sell a product based on its features. That does not work. Go through your web pages; eliminate the passive voice to sell the benefits of your product in your web copy. “Galaxy Note is designed to perform a variety of tasks.” The customer does not care what the device is designed to do. They want to hear that they can use it and do a variety of tasks.
Stress the green innovations you have installed and sell. All things equal Americans will buy the greenest product, especially if they get “bragging rights” for it. The same thing goes for the “conflict minerals” Advertize that you actively work to stop terrorism. Not only do you do the paperwork to comply with International standards regarding trade in potential trade minerals you went into the lab and analyzed the mineral content to make sure your suppliers were living up to the contract you made them sign. Then sell that as a benefit. Ask your competitors to do the same.
3. What is your opinion of Eric Kim as a strategic leader? Explain your answer.
Eric Kim is a good strategic leader. He strengthened his product and corporate image so it was poised to take advantage of opportunity. He made a bold move at the right time and took advantage of the growing innovations in technology and it paid off.
4. How realistic is Samsung’s vision of becoming the leader in the digital convergence revolution?
They are number two, I would say they have a shot at it. But, it is not going to happen unless they stop chasing Sony. If they do not they will always be tied to the Sony brand, and Sony is better at “Being Sony” than Samsung is and ever will be. If a company is going to be a leader, they must take a leadership role. They have strong products and as long as they are going for the number one spot based on the technology alone they will always be in a close race. However another way to establish supremacy is by being a Global Community Leader. Find something you do well, be the greenest, recycle the most, establish fair trade standards in your manufacturing processes, challenge the competition to prove they have done as much to eliminate “conflict minerals” from their products. Step up and take the lead, let them chase you.
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