Rocks And Minerals Course Work

Published: 2021-07-02 14:10:05
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1. Find a rock and a mineral each
Found Rock – Limestone
Found Mineral – Diamond
a. What type of rock is it?
Limestone is a sedimentary rock (“Limestone” 1).
b. What kind of mineral is it?
Diamond is an elemental, crystalline carbon mineral (Putnis 121).
c. Categorize the rock and mineral and try to find the names of the rock and mineral using the internet.
The rock is a carbonate sedimentary rock (“Limestone” 1). The particular stone that I found is called a Coquina. Since diamond is made up of copper, it can be classified as a native metal element (Putnis 121). The name of the mineral is diamond – it does not have another name.
3. Mention two brief properties of each
a. Coquina Limestone
i. It is soft, especially immediately after extraction from a quarry
ii. Orange in color
b. Mineral (Diamond)
i. Very hard and tough
ii. Grey in color
4. Formation,
i. Rock
Coquina is produced when minerals settle and build up in water bodies during a process known as sedimentation. The rock that I found appears to be in the last phase (cementation).
ii. Mineral
Diamonds form as a result of complex processes taking place in the mantle of planet earth. Rocks with carbon melt in the mantle and due to temperature and pressure changes, they later become crystals of diamond.
5. Factors
i. Rock
Environmental – the accumulation and eventual formation of coquina is greatly affected by the presence of shallow waters.
Biological – The presence of marine biological life is important in the shallow waters for the rock to form. Therefore marine life has affected the coquina rock.
Chemical – Toxic and acidic wastes introduced in shallow waters react with the stone.
Physical – Man’s physical activities and natural events such as quakes break up the rock
ii. Mineral
Environmental – Very high temperatures led to the development of the mineral thus affecting the mineral in its early stages of formation
Biological – Human beings
Chemical – Presence of carbon element in rocks needed for formation
Physical – Mining activities
6. Advance in science
The invention of computers has greatly aided in the study of rocks and minerals. Computers are used in the study of the structure of these substances. They allow for the storage and manipulation of data related to the rocks and minerals. They also help scientists to consult available literature online.
Works Cited
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