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Published: 2021-07-21 11:15:09
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Research entails formulating a thesis statement and providing evidence to the facts put forward by the statement. In order to do the research, I had to do some rhetorical reading before engaging into rhetorical writing. While writing the research paper on ESL community analysis, I engaged in multiple drafting and proofreading, I also applied the various rhetorical styles such as font arrangement, grammar effects and diction.
The role of rhetoric research and writing is to motivate the student or the writer in his work, my previous research is no exception either (Martin, N. 38). The purpose of the paper was to understand prevalent issues and ideas critically, in conducting the extensive research I was able to establish expertise and gain credibility in written communication. The research was meant to draw attention on the various language devices that include; similes, metaphors, irony and storytelling (Dodson, R. 41). Through rhetorical writing, one should be in a position to interpret author’s worldview as presented in the article.
In order to well comprehend how to conduct rhetorical research and writing, readers are advised to identify the key intermediary vocabulary in the text. Developing a perception on social writing helped me in conducting the research. I was able to apply the various rhetorical strategies to present well my ideas and also by the use of various patterns and vocabulary. By highlighting important phrases, I was able to get better ideas and filter out the important rhetorical points within the text
Research that I conducted on the previous paper was meant to enlighten my skills and basics on how to identify relevant and appropriate sources through electronic databases and other traditional sources like articles; I also learnt how to evaluate these sources for quality and suitability in the essay. From the rhetorical research I conducted, I learnt how to paraphrase and summarize ideas from the sources accurately and precisely, furthermore I learnt how to integrate quotations appropriately using the correct styles and giving precise citations and how to use attributive tags, documentation and comprehend plagiarism and its consequences.
After doing the research, it is notable that my skills in rhetorical reading and writing have extensively improved, I can now view writing as a recursive task that is socially constructed, I am in a position to develop well my ideas in relation to those of others. Writing a rhetorical research has taught me to apply languages used in rhetorical analysis that include support, Ethos, pathos and logos and that of metacognitive processes (synthesis, summary and analysis) to critique other people’s ideas and mine as well. I am now able to recognize and identify other people’s rhetorical intention, situation and the relationship that exists within my own ideas during the drafting and revision of a rhetorical research. From the previous paper on discourse community analysis, I can easily identify incorrect citations and documentations during revision and proofreading.
In conclusion, from the research on discourse community analysis, I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge on rhetorical reading, writing and research. I am now competent in writing original documents, both formal and informal journals and also in applying various rhetorical styles and finally engage in multiple drafting and revision.
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