Rhetorical Analysis Of A Photograph Article Review

Published: 2021-07-08 21:10:05
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Analysis of a photograph
Clearing Winter Storm is a fascinating photograph full of hidden messages and a rarefied beauty which is the epitome of a work of art.
Nature is a beautiful thing and this photograph epitomizes the beauty of nature in several ways. First of all the mountain ranges are caught with a certain amount of purity although the clouds obscure them slightly creating a sort of patchwork effect which is all the more intense and captivating. The photographer manages also to assume a certain mystical effect as the storm is actually clearing also demonstrating a masterful and assured use of spatial effects which truly show his capability at creating a scene of utter beauty and at the same time, awe.
Although one could argue that the black and white nature of the photograph reduces its capability to shock, this medium is still extremely effective. What is most impressive at this stage is the way the sky is caught with all the clouds moving alone quite forcefully and also demonstrating what can be done with a certain camera angle. This is also portrayed in the way the clouds sort of intermesh with the beauty of the landscape which although rugged and wild is particularly impressive especially in the lower sections of the photograph.
Although the picture is one of universal appeal, one may note that it is also direct and effective in other ways, principally the way it speaks to a general audience. The photographer almost catches the moment with blissful uncertainty, in a way this also demonstrates his constant capability to shock. At times one feels that the image is almost unreal and its directness can shock to the core. Angles are again an issue here as one notes that the mountains are direct and forceful in the middle of the picture with the clouds enveloping them in a rather mysterious manner. The same goes for the forward parts of the photograph which are also extremely intriguing.
Clearing Winter Storm is definitely a photograph to be pondered upon in greater detail. It has all the elements of beauty in it yet there are also some parts of it which invoke the mysterious and the intriguing. The cloud effects are perhaps the most satisfying parts of the piece which almost grows on you in its viral intensity and one tends to appreciate it more as it grows on you. However the aspect which is perhaps the most interesting is the fact that the photograph catches a moment after a storm which is unique in its sense of hope for something better.
In my final analysis I would observe that this photo brings about all the aspects of good photography together in one fell swoop. It combines mystery and intensity with drama and directness, especially in the skies portrayal but also in the almost picture postcard formation of the picture as a whole. It shows the skills of the photographer in catching the clouds melting with the mountains in a pastel combination that is quite mesmerizing to say the least. It is surely one of the most memorable photographs of the Yosemite National Park as it catches the wild bleakness of the place but also its rugged and natural beauty in a concoction which is rather magical.

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