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Published: 2021-07-02 03:35:03
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In this work, various aspects of language and its interrelationship with the society, the social class, the ethnic group, and the sex, are all highlighted. Chapter one talks about language and the society. Here we look at the roles played by society in developing the language, and the roles played by the language in developing the society, just like the egg and sperm scenario of Emily Martin. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that both language and society have mutual relationship. Language development depends heavily on the society. Several aspects of language including the dialects and the accent, all come into play as a result of the society. Similarly, language makes the society be what it is. It is through language that people get information about each other, the physical facts like weather, and so on. Language fulfills various social functions and its importance is the facts put forward, not the language itself. Language helps in establishing social relationships as it conveys the information about the speaker.
Language and social class also have a mutual kind of relationship. In language development, social class plays a crucial role. For instance, there are social dialects (sociolects) and social-class accent. These language differences emerge as a result of social distances or social barriers (social stratification). The social situation is much more fluid as that of the language is very complex. There is no clear definition of social classes. However, the language creates this difference. People with various similarities are said to be in a given social class.
Another remarkable relationship is that of the language and the ethnic group. Taking English for instance; even though the language is one, various ethnic groups, both in Europe and Africa, speak differently. There is great ethnic influence in the language development. It is also true that language has played a very important role in various ethnic groups; it is an essential concomitant of ethnic group members. This is a social and cultural fact.
Sex also plays a role in language development. Language differs considerably in the extent to which sex differences are lexicalised. The difference is signalled grammatically. On the other hand, human sex is indicated through the use of articles and adjectives; an aspect of language eg feminine, masculine etc. This is the ultimate power of the language in human life as the language gets developed.

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