Research Proposal On The Methodology Of The "u" Notation Program

Published: 2021-07-11 19:55:05
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A “U” notation is usually given to students in case if there is a consistent problem with the performance of the student, throughout the semester and an improvement is needed in one or more areas, including mechanical, syntactical and organizational writing skills. The idea behind giving a ‘U’, should be backed by the understanding that, the deficiency in the writing skills of the student must be unsatisfactory enough to impact his future academic performance. It is important to understand that the academic level is a benchmark most of the times and if the performance is not up to the mark, as per the student’s class then a “U” can be given.
In the final course grades, the ‘Rq’ (requirement section) is given the notation “U”, by selecting the same from the drop-down menu. It is important to submit a copy of the “End of semester”, ‘U’ referral form to the writing centre which should accompany the student’s writing samples, which will help to design customized programs to achieve improvement in the writing skills. There must also be adequate attempts to keep the students informed if they should expect a “U” notation so that there is no surprise and dissatisfaction, and are prepared to visit the writing centre during the first week of the following term.
The “U”- Tutoring program is based on the pre-submitted “End of Semester „U‟-Referral Form”, and about three focus areas are selected. The program includes various steps that involve writing and revising multiple papers. Long papers are also key factors of introducing instructions and exercises needed to improve the writing skills. The programs may require the students to complete assigned projects, if there has been almost no or little writing in the first semester. The “U”, notation is removed once the project is executed successfully.

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