Public Interest/what Public Interest Means To Me Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 17:25:05
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I have an ardent interest in the public and have always strived to make their lives better. I started this endeavor by acting as a mentor for my younger cousins and donated cans to homeless shelters. Through my community volunteer service, I have worked closely with those unfamiliar with the criminal law and have made them knowledgeable about the law, their rights and how this information can help them.
NAACP has afforded me the great opportunity to have a heart to heart talk with high school students about the different aspects of civil liberties where I endeavored to answer the pertinent questions that were nagging them. Public interest to me means making an active change in communities by offering legal counseling and attempting to solve the problems of those who are voiceless. I am an advocate who is passionate about giving back to the community what I feel they like but lack. That is public interest. Public interest to me means the general welfare or usual interests of the people who are voiceless. Public interest I believe is important to politics, democracy, policy debates, and the character of administration. By having the public interest in me, I aid the general welfare or ordinary interests of the people because I find it to be a positive thing to do, since there is slight, if any, agreement by what precisely may be termed as the public interest, and if the perception is actually a logical one. Public interest means so much to me since I feel that the people’s general welfare and the welfare of the common people as a whole are at stake. I feel that on one hand, the exploit has to help every single member of society so as to be beyond doubt in the public interest and on the other hand; I feel that any deed might be in the interest of the public so long as it benefits some of the citizens but brings harms no one. But these extremist observations are clearly not very helpful if put in practice, given that most cases of public guiding principle involve some people who gain while some of them end up losing, but I know Northeastern will prepare me properly for those duties.

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