Political Globalization Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-30 06:30:06
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Political globalization is an increasing trend towards multilateralism. It involves an emerging transnational state apparatus and the emergence of national and international nongovernmental organizations that act as watchdogs over governments have increased their activities and influence. (Moghadam, 2005).
The Arizona Immigration Bill left a lot to be desired. The legislatures who drafted the bill argue it out that they had the interest of the country at heart. In real sense there are a lot of issues which remained unearthed and the immigrants were to suffer a lot. The immigrants’ rights were breached and their freedom also taken away from them. The Bill was to offer much benefit to the private prison company bearing in mind the amount of money that they intended to raise from the prisoners. Their main aim was actually to keep the prisons full for years with illegal immigrants and they didn’t have any doubt that this one was to be achieved.
The process of locking people alleged to be illegal immigrants shows a lot of breach on the fundamental human freedom as the police can lock up anyone who cannot show nay proof that they entered the country legally. To some extent it would help curb the aliens but at the same time it could be disastrous as the police can take advantage of this directive and round up anybody and get him/her locked into the cells.
Bearing in mind what took place behind the scenes that saw the bill drafted, it is clear it was not done as a result of good will and the state’s interest was not put first. The main beneficiaries which were the private prisons influenced the whole process. This clearly indicates that the bill could also be having several loopholes which if not looked into critically, can bring the state to its knees. However, the Bill could be as good as Grand Hyatt said, but considering the circumstances behind is drafting, we can no longer trust it as it put the interest of the private prisons first who are charged with the responsibilities of locking up prisoners.
It is a fact that the illegal immigrants have negative effects to the development of a country and they should never be encouraged. The presence of illegal immigrants result into loss of revenue as the government cannot properly plan for the population within its jurisdiction. At the same time, most illegal immigrants evade paying of taxes as there is no proper documentation of their whereabouts. Due to this fact, the illegal immigrants should be discouraged from being in a country through all means possible.
Illegal immigrants pose security threats to a country as should not be given a chance to intermingle with the genuine citizens of a state. This is so in order to avoid innocent citizens being intoxicated with the wayward ideas of the illegal immigrants. By having them locked in the Prisons as the Bill demands, the state’s interest is put first and monitoring security situation in the state becomes easy. This also helps in reducing cases of drug trafficking.
The main architect behind the drafting of the Arizona Bill, is a professional and sits in the American Legislative Executive Council. However, his credibility is questionable as he tends to be biased in order to benefit other players in the field. He argues openly that there is a lot of revenue that the country can get from the illegal immigrants and he has no doubt that the prisons will be filled with illegal immigrants. This leaves a lot to be desired as the main beneficiary from this is not the government but the private prisons. It emerges clearly from this that the main architect behind the drafting of this bill have shares in the prison industry and want to gain in one way or the other.
The author tried to employ the use of propaganda in order to make the whole process of having the bill in place look like it had good intentions. He portrays the illegal immigrants as enemies of a state in terms of economy, security and moral decadence. He goes a head to justify the claims by discussing how much the state loses through unpaid taxes. The claims are true and can easily convince the reader through the facts presented therein.
The information presented is distorted in some way. This is due to the fact that the author wanted the illegal immigrants to be paying some daily fee. He also goes ahead to state that he has no doubt that the prisons will be filled with illegal immigrants. He is biased during the drafting of the bill and it is clear that he did not break the information in the house but decided to do it in a hotel. This clearly shows that he was trying to evade some scrutiny from the house and he was only confident to present the report to the house after garnering enough support from the members of the house and being backed up by the business community.
The analogies presented here are not faulty as the author is armed with facts when comparing a state that has laws put in place to curb illegal immigrants. He states that unless the Government puts down laws that control the entry of illegal immigrants, then the state is likely to be faced with major problems in the future.
The author has oversimplifying the issue of the Arizona Bill on illegal immigrants. He simply states that illegal immigrants are bad and doesn’t give a remedy of curbing their entry. He only tells us on what should be done once they are found to be in the country illegally.
The author is trying to stereotype and generalize the whole situation. He proposes for the police to lock up anyone who can not show proof for entering the country legally. He doesn’t advise for measures to be taken and find out the circumstances that may be behind a person being in a country illegally. This issue of generalizing and making assumptions that anyone not having a proof of being in a country legally is an alien can see innocent immigrants locked in prisons which is not being humane.
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Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act. Arizona State

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