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Published: 2021-07-15 14:30:07
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Psychology / Peak Performance
We live in the times of unique opportunity; one only requires discovering their ambitions and abilities, and then rise to their professions regardless of their historical background. However, with every opportunity in life, there is a responsibility waiting. Companies are no longer interested in managing their employees’ professions; workers have vast knowledge to efficiently manage themselves without any supervision. It is upon every working individual, to shape their own place, to be aware when to go for a change, and also to keep themselves in track and fruitful in the span of their working life that may extend up to 50 years. In order to succeed, there is a need to critically understand your inner self.
Other than evaluating your strong areas and weak areas, it is also necessary to check on how one learns your engagement with others, your principles, and the areas that you are capable of creating a great contribution. Most people put a lot of effort in their strengths, little do they know that they can never achieve excellence basing on one perspective; strength. Most of the great achievers, for instance, a Napoléon, a da Vinci, succeeded as a result of managing themselves. There is always something that contributes to their great achievement. However, seldom do we have such cases, whereby extraordinary talents and accomplishment is considered which is beyond human ability.
For that reason, everyone, even those with tremendous endowments must learn to manage themselves. Every person must have knowledge in developing himself or herself, since, if they want to make a step further and initiate a great achievement in their own lives. In order for that to succeed, we have to stay focused and engaged in the span of 50 years while working, which absolutely means be knowledgably aware of how and the appropriate time to initiate a change in whatever we do.
Drucker, P. (1999). Managing Oneself, Harvard Business School Press. Print.

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