Music Thesis

Published: 2021-07-13 04:50:05
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For quite a long time, sports have been at the epicenter of man’s life. There are various sports that men have come up with, some of which require much skill, energy and practice while others do not. Sports are carried out for competitions and at other times for personal edification. I seek to provide evidence that sports, at whichever category, help to bring the people together and strengthen the social bonds. The areas to be addressed are multicultural international competitions that bring people from different backgrounds together.
Since the medieval eras of Van Beethoven to the modern era, music has continued rocking the lives of many. There are various genres of music including rap, rock, jazz, salsa, afro fusion, reggae, blues, R ‘n’ B among other genres. Musicians have perfected their art and do combine different genres and also play different tunes. All this notwithstanding, I seek to argue on the grounds that what determines the quality of the music is not so much on the genre, but on the message contained in the song and its relevance to the audience.
Physical Fitness
A sight of individuals jogging, walking or engaging in any form of physical activity is a common sight in a residential neighborhood. All this is done in a bid to attain physical fitness. Nutritionist and other health professionals advice people to have an hour of physical activity every day. This indicates that physical fitness is good for a better life. Through literature review, I seek to establish the fact that physical fitness helps in controlling cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions such as obesity, thereby leading to a healthy, happy and productive life.

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