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Published: 2021-07-08 06:25:05
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Mental processes which assist in relaying of messages from a source to a recipient as well as understanding this message and acting accordingly as expected is one of the most important things to understand in a person’s day to day life. This is because each and every movement or decisions that a person makes in a lifetime is directly affected and triggered by a certain stimulant, and for this reason, this second chapter seeks to critically study and understand motor skill training and how a person benefits through coaching of the same as well as his consequent performance.
Motor skill learning which is acquired through repeated training of something which eventually leads to memorization thus permanent acquisition of the art in training as explained by Mark Fischman and Joseph Oxendine, is acquired and learnt through phases and this means that it is a gradual process. The two psychologists have also discusses these various phases which include the cognitive phase whereby the trainee becomes acquainted with the skill to be acquired, the association phase whereby the trainee is made to interact with the skill and thus gets an opportunity to learn about it and lastly the autonomous stage whereby the trainee has fully acquired the skill and is therefore able to perform the task at hand with perfection.
Another important thing that coaches are advised on is that they should also offer such a trainee alternative skill for example through variable practice, and also the importance of collecting feedback both from the trainee as well as a way of assessing performance and efficiency. This chapter is an assistive as well as a guideline especially to coaches since by fully understanding the explained processes as well as procedures, the concept becomes easier to understand, both for the person being trained as well as the coaches themselves, and it is therefore a good article.
Works cited
Fischman, Mark & Oxendine, Joseph. Motor Skill learning for effective coaching and performance. North Carolina: University of North Carolina Press, 2007. Print.

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