Modern World Does Not Presuppose Keeping Traditions Does It Course Work

Published: 2021-07-01 00:35:05
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Briefly describe what you intend to write about. Provide a brief introduction or outline of the points and films in which you intend to cover, preferably a working thesis.
Topic: Modern world does not presuppose keeping traditions, does it?
Question: Should Asian American families still keep their traditions of filial piety and familism or should they follow a modern way of American life?
Answer: Asian Americans would be much happier if they disregard at least some of their traditions which, as a rule, limit a person greatly.
Elaboration: As soon as Asian Americans give up keeping traditions, they will start enjoying life in all its manifestations without being afraid of gossips and judgments.
In my paper I intend to show that a man is absolutely free in his/her actions disregarding any cultural views and traditions. To be more precise, I am going to investigate familism (when family is more important that an individual) and filial piety (respect and obedience towards one’s parents) in Asian American families, which I consider to be absolutely unnecessary if it limits person’s intentions to his/her own way of life. Undoubtedly, this issue seems to be controversial and I will try to prove my point of view providing arguments based on film (namely, ‘Eat a Bowl of Tea’ and ‘Daughter from Danang’). Moreover, I will try to give all available evidence in order to prove that in modern society it is quite easy to live without some strict rules and embrace the peculiarities of Asian American culture and its universal heart in the manner that does not limit an individual.

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