Master’s Degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-30 20:55:05
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I would like to hereby submit my application for the Master’s Degree in Global Governance and Diplomacy being offered at your esteemed institution. In support of my application, I have attached herewith my Curriculum Vitae for your kind perusal. I have had a lifelong interest in global conflicts and their resolution with the Middle Eastern region being the area of focus. It is my goal to gain comprehensive knowledge of international politics and law as well as develop exemplary skills at diplomacy. All my efforts towards educating myself as well as the work experience that I have gained have been directed towards this goal.

I am currently pursuing a BA degree in International Relations from Durham University. I am majoring in Mandarin proficiency and achieved 79% pass in the intermediate examinations. I am due to complete the course in June 2012. I also hold a BA degree in International Relations from the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, the premier educational institutions of Ukraine. Further, I have completed a Foundation Degree in International Law and Politics from Ballerbys College, Brighton, U.K. In addition to the above mentioned academic degrees, I attended Beijing University’s Summer School in Law and Politics.
I have had the opportunity to interact with diplomats from all over the world and experience, firsthand, the world of international law and politics. I am also acutely aware of on-going global conflicts and crisis and how they impact people. In order to gain maximum exposure to international diplomacy, I have participated in a host of global projects, including:

Oct 2011 to Jun 2012: General Volunteer, the Devon Refugee Support Group, Durham
October 2011: Attended India International Model European Union 2011, Delhi, India
Jun to Sep 2011: Chief Project Assistant, the Centre for Interethnic Cooperation, Moscow
Jul to Sep 2010: Parliamentary Assistant, Department of International Relations, Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine
April 2011: Attended SUNY Model of European Union 2011, New York, USA
Mar to Apr 2010: Assistant Manager, CND Peace Shop, Durham
Nov to Apr 2009: General Volunteer, The Big Issue, Brighton

The University of Oxford is globally renowned for offering best of breed education to its students. Its focus on the overall development of a student’s knowledge, skills and exposure in correspondence with the program of their choice is what makes the university my preference. Having reviewed the curriculum covered by its M.Sc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy graduate program, I am convinced that this degree will take a step further towards a career in international diplomacy. The subjects of Climate Change Diplomacy, International Relations of the Developing World and Middle East Politics are of particular interest to me. Once I have completed this course, I will be seeking employment in departments of the Government of Ukraine or prominent NGOs that are active in the field of resolution of international conflicts.
I believe that my knowledge and experience makes me the ideal candidate for the University of Oxford’s M.Sc. in Global Governance and Diplomacy program, the benefits of my association with your esteemed institution will be mutual. I will be happy to furnish you with any information that you may further require.

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