Marjane Satrapi Persepolis Course Work Example

Published: 2021-07-07 02:05:04
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In the first part of the comic strip, Satrapi focuses on what is happening in the Arab Spring and how this is changing the concept of governance in Arab countries although the main subject is the author’s childhood in Iran in the context of the Iran-Iraq war. The comic strip delves into various characteristics accordingly and does provide us with a snapshot on what life must have been like in those terrible years for a young Iranian woman.
One can sympathise with Satrapi especially in the situation which she continually finds herself in, especially the part where her family seems to want to influence all that she does. The allusions to several material things such as water and bicycles are complex with Satrapi attempting to convey a sense of forward momentum for everything and to push the revolution forward in this sense.
The comic strip format is quite powerful in portraying the images Satrapi wants to convey and its effect cannot be denied although one has to keep in mind that certain themes do have double meanings.
In the second part of the DVD, Satrapi returns home after long years of absence. Obviously she has to come to terms with the things that changed and which are continually changing. In fact the theme of change is a constant recurrence which also demonstrates the subtle and intrinsic effects of Satrapi’s story.
Personally I prefer the comic strip as a medium when compared to the DVD as the mind seems to wander with a film. The whole experience was very interesting and revealing and one learnt a lot about the effects of Iran and its story during those years.

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