Closing Shop And A Life Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-07-04 23:45:05
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The presence of someone or a particular kind of service in a place can influence the number and types of people visiting a given premise. The author stopped visiting Starbucks in 2003 once his most favorite attendant left the premise. “…I stopped going because Erika was no longer behind the counter… Once Erika disappeared from Starbucks, so did I…” (Line 2)He could not continue visiting the place as he had liked Erika and Erika already knew him and his set of orders. This made him like the services being offered as Erika had already mastered his orders. He got served very fast as soon as he entered the restaurant. “I'd walk in and, boom, a latte was in my hand.” (Line 6)He feared that it would take him a lot of time for another attendant to master his orders and his name just the same way Erika. His love for Erika could not make him continue visiting the restaurant once Erika had left.
The essay is very effective in bringing out the point on how the absence of someone or something in the society can impact the lives of others. Once Erika had left the Starbucks restaurant, the author also stopped visiting the restaurant as the favorite attendant was missing. “Once Erika disappeared from Starbucks, so did I…” (Line 8) The author also left New York for New Orleans and his customers and all those who loved his works also stopped visiting the place his store was situated. “When I had to shut down in 2005—people just stopped buying CDs—it broke the hearts of many.” (10: Line 4).
The author who also had a CD, DVD and record store left New York City for New Orleans. Most of his customers were discouraged and also stopped visiting the place the store was recorded once the author left the place. “I disappeared … sort of… Unlike Erika… But so many who relied on me during my tenure as the "retail rock star" seem to find little need for me now…”(11: Line 1)This essay helps us understand the importance of an attendant paying attention to his/her customers. This helps in gaining customer trust and hence attracting more customers. However, not in all cases that one’s customers will always have him/her in their minds. In some cases the customers will forget about the attendant once he/she disappears.
It is obvious from the essay that once a person leaves a premise another replacement will always be found. However, not in all cases do the replacements work effectively. People may adapt to live with the new replacements but in most cases they will not remain contented as they were with the earlier service providers. “And as long as retail shops still exist, people will find new Erikas and new Sals. But I don't think all the Erikas and Sals can say the same. We need another 15 minutes.” (10:Line 7)
In conclusion, good service will always be accompanied with applause. Many people prefer the friendly and good attendants who are well conversant with the services they offer. However, if the attendant leaves a premise, his/her customers will be heart-trended by the move but since service delivery will have to continue, the customers will have to seek for ways of dealing with the new changes. Every person has his favorite attendant (‘Erika or Sal’) in a given store. Once the attendant leaves the place a new replacement is sought, the new replacement will in most cases not be as effective as the older one. They will never be identical to the older attendant.
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