International Studies Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-30 18:55:05
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The dominant reason behind why I’ve decided to undertake an MA in International Studies is because I see that the world is ceasing to be a localised experience for the bulk of its populous and is, instead, a global municipal which requires a unique set of skills and knowledge than has previously not been needed. My life’s goal is to try and make a difference in the world but, in order to be truly effective in this pursuit, I must first fully understand what the world needs and how best to meet those needs. Whilst studying for my undergraduate degree, I focused my studies on race, culture, human relations and human rights and I hope to further enhance my comprehension of these through the completion of an MA in International Studies.

Culture is something which, in my opinion, has taken on an entirely new meaning in the 21st Century. To me, culture, in international terms, involves the promotion of human advancement. This includes the acceptance of diversity and the distribution of this knowledge with a view to strengthening international relations. In doing this, we hold the potential to cure some of the world’s ills and begin to overcome significant global concerns including: illegal immigration, global concerns (such as terrorism) and the economy. No longer is it possible to just be a specialist in your own culture – now it is far more crucial to be well-versed in global cultures and it is my belief that an MA in International Studies would assist me in reaching this goal.
Academically, I have experienced a range of educational settings. My High School education was carried out whilst travelling around the world (most notably, North America, China and Europe) whilst performing alongside various musicians. It was then that my interest in global culture began pique as I was exposed to a wide spectrum of cultural experiences – experiencing them first-hand. I am proud of my education as I was able to learn a set curriculum whilst also having additional lessons from people I met on the road; this was particularly prevalent in my study of literature as I was frequently recommended to read particular books. I grew up whilst surrounded by interesting and intelligent college graduates who placed a strong emphasis on the pleasure of learning and so I was socialised to think in much the same way and ultimately, my pursuit of further qualifications is largely due to my love of learning for the sake of learning. My grade point average in High School was 3.6 and I actually graduated a year early – demonstrating my commitment to excellent standards and to pushing myself harder and further than before. I am due to complete my undergraduate degree from California State University Northridge in the fall of 2011, having majored in Humanities and Liberal Studies – minoring in Cultural Anthropology. My grade point average has been 3.3 throughout my studies here and I have been placed on the Dean’s Honours List during my senior year.
I have also proven myself to be a capable member of a workforce and I have been fortunate enough to take part in three internships with the Southern California Gas Company in the sectors of public relations, business and health and safety. During my time at university, I have worked five days a week from 5am for the last two and a half years. I like to think that this demonstrates my commitment to hard work and that it shows me to be capable of taking on challenges and meeting them to the best of my ability. The fact that I have been able to complete my education (thus far) to a high ability whilst still maintaining a busy working life simultaneously, I think proves me to be capable and determined.
On top of this, I have also been an active member of my university’s Anthropology Club, Water Ski Team and Volunteer Program in which I helped under-privileged High School children with their studies in Maths and Science. I enjoyed this so much that I also worked at my local YMCA with young people. I also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity through Sempra Energy as well as Rio Vista Elementary Saturday Academy. For fun, I was also actively involved with the gas company’s softball team. In my spare time, I enjoy sports such as softball, swimming, golf, football and scuba diving. I am still a busy musician and regularly record songs I have written and crafted myself as well as still actively travelling and exploring the world.
My goals are to complete a PhD following my masters and in doing this, I hope to apply my knowledge and skills to seeking plausible solutions to problems which will help to make a more cohesive world. In carrying out an MA, I would like to advance my understanding of international relations as well as being able to critically analyse fields of international interest such as politics, culture, economics, communication and law in order to better understand what is needed and how I can provide it on the global world stage.

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