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Published: 2021-07-02 01:45:05
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The company was incepted in 1991 and had an original focus on the licensing of existing exclusive rights, research and development. They are today one of the leaders in the field of plastic injection. The company uses HRIS systems for its Human Resource duties. The HRIS system has not been very effective in handling the increased number of employees in the company and the increased number of activities performed in the company. [1] New HR software is required in the company so as to help improve the services of the company. The new HR software to be introduced into the company has to compatible with the company’s ERP system and has to take all the legal aspects of the company into consideration. There are numerous advantages that can be realized by using the HR software to simplify the business processes of the company. HR software can be used for tracking, auditing and calculation purposes. These helps to make work easier and save a lot of time which can then be invested in performing other business operations of the company.
Some of the benefits of using HR software are as follows:
Reduced amount of time for doing some routine tasks for the company – The software enables tracking of an employee’s daily attendance or the amount of vacation hours accrued. This is an activity which can be time consuming especially when dealing with a large number of employees if it is done by using hand. Using HR software will make it very easy to complete these entries within a very short duration of time.[2]
It helps in effective distribution of tasks – It makes it easy to allocate tasks to different individuals in the firm. Every person assigned a task in the firm will receive a notification about the task needed to be completed. It also enables the managers to check the accuracy of the completed tasks as the HR software can also generate a detailed report on the tasks completed by different employees in the firm.
It helps in tracking different aspects of the firm – The HR software has a tracking mechanism which helps in keeping track of different aspects like tracking the attendance in different departments in the firm, show which employees need additional training, the types of professional licenses held by each employee and the performance of each employee. The HR software can be customized to keep track of any additional aspect that may crop up in the firm. This would be very difficult to perform in the absence of the HR software.
It offers improved records accuracy – The HR software offers an improved accuracy in the way that records are handled in the firm. The HR software will counter check the entered information and ask the data entry personnel to verify the accuracy of the data fed before being stored. This will help in discovering mistakes whenever they appear in the system. The HR software will also help to track changes made within the program so as to identify any mistakes made in the program. The software also keeps track of the person entering data into the system. This will help in determining the source of mistakes and prompt for the right action to be taken against anyone who willingly makes mistakes when operating the system.[2]
A good Hr system will have a provision of allowing employees to enter data about their operations in the company. These may include working times, completed tasks and work progresses. The Systems can also gather information about the employees sick and vacation hours accrued which makes it easier to determine whether to grant or deny a vacation request.
The HR software to be used in the company will increase productivity, empower employees and ensure a smooth running of the firm.
1. Riordan Company Profile Report
2. Shawn Smith JD & Rebecca Mazin (2004). HR Answer book: An Indispensable Guide
for Managers and Human Resources Professionals. AMACOM Publishers.

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