Hot Shot Cameras Case Study

Published: 2021-07-03 01:55:05
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The Hot shot camera is an infrared camera with various distinct features color display, ultra-fast framing rates, optimum light sensitivity and data packaging. These hot shot cameras are easy to use, affordable and produce colorful images with a high speed. The hot shot pix are multinational digital cameras that are manufactured in the United States. These cameras are designed into various models in two major laboratories situated in England and the United States. The company manufactures the hot shot camera in four distinct factories worldwide that serve the markets globally. These cameras are however facing competition from other companies which in some cases is unfair as the other cameras have an upper hand in some markets such as the European Union.
In production and marketing of the hot shot camera, Bob Wilson should consider the political issues. This include whether the production of these digital cameras is considered as a legal or illegal entrepreneur in any country. The countries import and export the Hot shot pix; in a state like Texas that produces the digital camera and supplies them to Latin and the North American markets, the government should consider the home grown product before importing from other countries. Bob Wilson should also look at the imports to avoid the dumping of the same products. Currently the European manufacturers are having a critical problem competing with the foreigners’ company because they are dumping their product in Europe. The hot shots camera serves as source of revenue to the country, through taxation the government is able to make a good amount of money that is used in the development.
The production of hot shot camera globally is significant to the economical growth. In the production of hot shot camera, Bob Wilson has ensured that the countries all-round the world can have a supplier. This will lead to a great economical growth for the business. One of the things that Bob Wilson is supposed to look into is competition. Recently there have been so many brands of hot shot camera that are trying to compete with the original brands. Bob Wilson is currently purchasing the camera from a Chinese company to avoid competition and to upgrade the standards of the hot shot cameras. He is supposed to ensure that the factories are selling quality and quantity products to its customers. The price of the hot shot camera should be friendly to the customers. He should also look at the labor production; this is because the company in France is becoming outdated due to disputes in their factories. Bob should look at the cause of dispute in the union whether it is due to the level of raw material in the company or the workers concerns. Mr. Wilson is focusing on high-priced, premium and the one that will present the product globally. We are expecting the camera market to grow by eight percent within the next five years. Mr. Wilson should consider high production of the hot shot camera during the holidays.
Bob Wilson should encourage technological innovation in the production and marketing of the hot shot camera. Since tradition the hot shot pix had been seen as the most suitable company in the market and the most innovative company. But currently the hot shot company is facing a lot of competition from an Asian Company. To avoid this completion, Mr. Wilson should encourage more initiative by the staff that is going to improve the quality and the quantity of the hot shot camera. Bob Wilson is planning to close the France factory due to the fact it is technologically outdated and since he is also opening another company in China. Bob Wilson is looking for a technological way of how the hot shot camera is to be distributed across the world. Productions on this digital camera that have infrared and data lopper are sensitive depending on the technology.
Mr. Bob Wilson should consider the social-cultural issue on the use of hot shot camera. We are told that there are four main suppliers of this camera world wide. This means that the digital camera is of importance to the people. We are also told that the hot shot camera has been well approved in the market places as the most innovative. During the holiday seasons there is a high purchase of the hot shot camera, this shows that the people are enjoying the products and making good use of them. Mr. Wilson should also consider other socio-cultural aspects such as the recent increase in social networks membership. This means that more people need quality pictures to post on their profiles. This is one aspect of the market that Mr. Wilson should also consider in his branding and marketing strategy development. Mr. Wilson should also consider other socio-cultural aspects such as demographics of the target market for the cameras. This is because such cameras will mostly be a preserve for the young and the middle aged who are open to trying out new things. Most of the elderly are however conservative when it comes to technology and prefer to stick to brands they have known for long.
We have seen that Mr. Wilson should incorporate the political, economical, social-cultural, and technological issues in production and marketing of the hot shot pix. This is an acknowledgement by Mr. Wilson that his business does not survive in a closed system and as such is impacted by changes in the environment. This is why it is important that he considers changes in the political, economical, socio-cultural, and technological environment. Also by considering these aspects of the environment, Mr. Wilson will be able to predict changes that might affect the marketing and sales of the hot pix cameras.

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