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Published: 2021-07-05 01:45:05
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How to be a successful student in history class.
Any exercise that seeks for an honest and deep self evaluation can be challenging. Success strategies are an essential component of any academic discipline. However in the subject of history, the nature of the class requires a very organized and well maintained toolkit. I employ the skills that include reviewing course material before class, active engagement in class and a final recap when that lecture material is completed.
During class I like to be active and engage with the class. Contributing to class discussions allows me to express ideas that I have and also get clarification for the questions I prepared before class. Due to the various perspectives that each historical event has to offer, it’s important to be open minded and make various connections. I make note of perhaps certain biases in my understanding, interpretations and analysis of the events. The class discussions are really the best part of the class because various individuals bring their ideas to the table. When class is done; after an enjoyable and informative discussion. I find it helpful to review the notes and material one more time before preparing for the next course.
So far, the strategies I am using are working very well to create a better learning environment for me. Utilizing these skills, I am able to pay better attention in class, be better prepared for the course, and allows me to be able to understand the material with less effort. Why is this working? This strategies enhances the way I learn and the how I reach my goals, throughout these process I am able to gather more information quickly and efficiently. As the pace of course progresses and the amount of work increases throughout the semester, I hope that I can be more effective and reading and retaining information much faster. While the extensive reading and reviews work well right now, as more material in all classes pile up, I will need a much faster and effective way to balance out.

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