Gun Control And Second Amendment Rights Admission Essay Examples

Published: 2021-07-15 07:15:05
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My true opinion is that I do believe that the Second Amendment of the US Bill of Rights guarantees that right of all citizens do bear arms, but I will argue against that position and in favor of more gun control legislation. As far as I can determine, the most salient point that supporters of gun control make is that citizens should have the right to go about their business in public without being shot by some random lunatic. There have been many instances of these mass shootings and spree killings in the U.S., such as the recent massacre in the theater in Colorado, the Columbine massacre, the shootings at Virginia tech and the attack on Gabrielle Giffords. All of these were carried out by mentally disturbed individuals who should never have had access to firearms. Gun control has been a controversial topic of discussion in the United States ever since it was initially introduced in the 1920s. Guns have been responsible for great deal violence and that they need to be regulated more stringently to prevent further harm. Violence associated with guns is a very realistic and nearly daily occurrence in this country; the proper solution to this threat will benefit nearly everyone living in it. There should be more limits on access to guns and stricter regulations regarding their sale and monitoring of their buyers. Moreover, there must be stricter punishments and regulations for criminals directly responsible for the threat of gun violence. Stricter measures of gun control would include banning high-capacity magazines and assault weapons, background checks for the sale of all guns (even at gun shows), heavier punishments for states who fail to enter the names of those prohibited from buying guns into a national registry, restrictions on shotguns and the reporting of multiple sales of certain guns in certain states to the ATF. All of these measures would limit the amount of random gun violence in the country, although no amount of restrictions would end it completely, especially for those who are still able to obtain weapons illegally.

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