Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Book Review Examples

Published: 2021-07-08 16:00:05
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Phillip Pirip, known as Pip is the central character around which this great book revolves. In the beginning he is introduced as a young orphan forced to live with his cruel sister, Mrs Joe. In analyzing Pip's character, I have elected to portray his true colors as blue and gold and perhaps his true blue color was more evident in the first few chapters, followed by the gold color emerging as he broke away from the harshness of his childhood. Pip's true blue colors are expressed in the manner of his response to simple honesty and trust, in that he observed on page 41 that he loved Joe, and went on to say that there was no better reason in the early days, except that Joe let Pip love him. Joe's unrestrained loyalty brought out Pip's devotion to their relationship. However, as an impulsive dreamer, inevitably Pip's life is influenced both by the need to fulfill his romantic dreams and desire to be secure. A significant step forward in his life occurred, when he is asked to visit Miss Havisham's house. Upon entering her house he meets a girl bestowed with beauty named Estelle. His initial feelings were of inferiority based on his humble upbringing, innocently unaware of her savage and cold upbringing. However, unexpectedly she asks him to kiss her, and on page 73 he admitted that he would have gone through a great deal to kiss her cheek. This is further indication of his true blue color; his obsession for love and affection. Following this milestone in his life, he pursues his ambition both to win Estelle's heart and make amends for his past. This is achieved by gaining recognition and success thereby erasing his perceived guilt and feelings of immorality. Here we see a blend of both his true colors reflected by the evolving upward path toward a higher social status. His inheritance becomes the springboard to accomplish all his dreams, following which, his life twists and turns, finally reverting back to his roots and perhaps, a new-found wisdom.
The next character I want to look at is Joe Gargery, perhaps
the most under-rated character in the book, but central to the story. His character and personality was the enduring factor that underpinned the creation of Pip as the central character. He came from a humble background and aspired only to provide support and guidance to Pip, unselfishly sacrificing his own dreams so that his protégé could follow in his footsteps. However, Pip had his own dreams, so Joe adapted his loyalty and devotion to support Pip rather than teach him. Joe's true colors are difficult to determine, but his generosity and dedication leans towards blue and gold. In addition, Joe was at heart, a simple man without personal ambition, an honorable man without personal pride. Although Pip's brother-in-law, it was his capacity for unqualified love that was the foundation for his role as a father-figure, brother and friend. Moreover, on page 152 we witness Joe addressing Pip as "sir", assuming the status and role of a servant. Perhaps even more bewildering, our attention is drawn to the following scene. For the tenderness of Joe was so beautifully proportioned to my need, that I was like a child in his hands (303). From this statement we can appreciate the "genius" in creating such a character, mirroring a parental picture of steadfastness and dedication.
I now turn to Miss Havisham portraying a character, who suffers the tragedy of falling victim to her own misguided personality and addiction to bitterness. Throughout the early part of the book, we are given many snapshots of a woman creating a web of destruction, motivated by revenge. I chose blue as her true color because she replaced the companionship of her lover, by adopting Estella and wreaking an obsessive revenge on every male who crossed her path. She
hated deception yet fostered an environment of unreality. However, a redeeming aspect of her character is illustrated on page 78 when she insisted to Joe that Pip had earned a premium, and was adamant that the payment be accepted. This unusual perspective depicts a value of order and an expression of purpose, revealing gold as another true color. Furthermore, on page 259 we are provided further insight into the complexity of her personality, when she seeks to rectify the consequences of her actions, offering a measure of remorse.
Finally, I selected Estelle as a character molded by circumstances beyond her control, reflecting green as her true color. She would qualify as an innocent victim of a situation that spiraled out of control, originally triggered by the deception enacted by Miss Havisham's lover.

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