Girls Are Stupid Argumentative Essay Example

Published: 2021-07-13 06:05:05
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Argumentative Essay
The other day I went back home from school to find my mother and my brother, John, having a heated argument. I don’t know how the argument stated but by the time I walked in my brother was telling my mother that girls are stupid. This really bothered my mother and I got woked up as well and so we ganged up against him. We wanted to know why he would say something of that sort. In his defense my brother gave us an example, he told us about this friend of his, Shellie, who called him in tears complaining that her boyfriend had cheated on her. It was a really bad situation and Shellie told John that she had broken up with her boyfriend. A few days later, Shellie got back with her boyfriend again after all the tears and horrid descritions that she had given John.
According to my brother, this was one of the reasons why he thought girls are stupid. The claim is that girls are stupid. The support is that they are naïve and gullible. The warrant is that all girls are stupid because they are easily swayed. I pointed out to him that this was not entirely true because all girls were not the same, one cannot use the experience of just a single girl to judge all other girls and furthermore, even some boys do get into situations like the one he told us and yet he did not say they were stupid. In addition to that, he did not know the exact reason s why Shellie took back her boyfriend. This really got him thinking and in the end, he did take back his words.

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