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Published: 2021-07-06 18:55:05
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The art of extreme persuasion is a mind negotiation skill characterized by creative skills and influenced by exceptional talents. Many a time, extreme persuasion is commonly associated with the act of promoting religious beliefs and obtaining devotees using deceptive psychological techniques commonly known as mind control games (Laurent, 2011). For instance, different cults have managed to promote their belief systems using extreme persuasion techniques.

Cults apply different strategies during indoctrination and the majority of such techniques lack physical traces and thus making them difficult to prosecute or prove using legal systems. The first type entails though reform whereby manipulate and extraordinary techniques are used to brainwash the minds of unsuspecting believers (Streatfeild, 2008). In turn, the thought processes are changed and recruiting or indoctrination is done. Second, cults use deceptive techniques aimed at tricking new recruits to join and commit themselves to the cult with which they have little or no information at all. Third, Isolation is used to cut off members from the outside world thereby subjecting them to introspection, distorted reality, and confusion. Finally, Cults often use induced dependency that calls for total commitment, submission, or devotion to the cult’s activities thereby creating a sense of independence outside the cult (Streatfeild, 2008).

The elements of persuasion used by cults include but not limited to the creation of passionate ideas that attracts the interests of believers, creating a heroic dead or a hero to deliver the message clearly, and creating obstacles and providing or suggesting solutions to overcome such obstacles. Other persuasive elements involve teaching the converts how they will be transformed by the cult, and lastly, creating increased awareness of the cult (Laurent, 2011). Nonetheless, these persuasive elements can be resisted through ways such as learning to respond to insults directed at one’s religion or religious beliefs, associating with individuals who are unaffected by the cult, searching for enough information regarding the legality of that cult, and informing legal authorities if need arises.


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