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Published: 2021-07-13 02:15:06
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Depending on where you access the web from, your expectation regarding the privacy of your information may differ. The safest place is often believed to be the home. Here is where you are guarded off from the world, especially if you have installed all the needed shields and programs. The second place for privacy is a public area with a free wifi, for example. Here is where you are very vulnerable and a good hacker may need just a little bit of time to breach that privacy. However, it is the office that has become the least private internet surfing area. Now that employers have the right to monitor exactly which sites you’ve visited and what kind of email’s you’ve sent, privacy becomes a concept of the past.
More and more people are installing WIFI at home. It is comfortable, but it must be controlled. With the neighbors’ WIFI in the air, many have decided that using it is completely acceptable. Many think that since people are paying for it anyway, it doesn’t really matter if someone else uses it. But I believe that it truly does. It is as if swimming in the neighbors’ pool without asking first. This is simply unethical. Even though it may not seem like you are stealing anything, you are. If there are people already using the connection, it slows them down the more people are hooked up to it. Moreover, even if your neighbors are not home, using their internet signal at least increases their electricity bill ever so slightly. The losses may not be that high, but they are there and must be kept in mind.
Robert J. Boncella (July 2011). Internet Privacy – at home and at work. Retrieved from
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