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Published: 2021-07-06 19:30:05
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According to Secret (1), a New York City a police officer was charged with violating a black man’s civil rights. The police officer was charged after accusing the black man of resisting arrest. The officer Daragjati, used a racial slur to boast about the arrest. The officer was also charged with extortion, making a death threat and fraud in other episodes. Officer Micheal Daragjati who is white and acts as a plain clothes police officer was charged in condemnation in a Brooklyn Federal District Court for frisking a black man in Targee Street (Secret 3).
The black man was arrested by the police officer because he had asked for his identification and complained for the bad treatment. The police officer later reported that the black man had treated him wrongly and physically and emotionally too. The black man was held in police custody for one and a half days. On that same night of the arrest of the black man, the police received messages stating that the officer Daragjati had made all the accusations. The next day the government had a phone chat wit a woman who said that the officer Daragjati had also the same act of prejudice to another nigger (Secret 6). The officer was arrested for 20 years and a fine of $100000.
Later in the year the same officer was charged with physically harassing a man who operates a plowing business and took everything that he owned. After the officer knew that the prosecutors were looking for him the officer threatened to kill them if he was arrested. The officer was later charged with extortion and insurance fraud. The officer’s lawyers said that their client should be released on bail but the prosecutors stated that the officer is a threat to the public and should not be released on bail. This article leads one to ask several questions for instance, Is America really racial and ethnic free? When will the racial discrimination end in America?
Secret, Mosi. “Officer Held in Civil Rights Case after Frisking.” New York Times. 17 Oct. 2011.
Web. 13 Nov. 2011. (

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