Family Homelessness: Causes And Solutions Article Review

Published: 2021-07-02 05:05:05
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Family homelessness is an issue that has been discussed in lengthy in this article. It is very credible considering the process it has taken in summing up the articled. In essence, It is an article that appropriately displays its research in the issues involved in homelessness. It accurately put on views objectives of the study, which is later discussed at length the findings regarding the issues that causes family homelessness and later the article exhibits the solutions to the findings of the family homelessness (Zamprelli 1).
Some of the reasons that the article has reasonably given out as trends on family homelessness comprises of an escalating poverty in Canada, political conflicts, change of job market, family hostility, in-accessibility to better homes among others. Moreover, the article has also highlighted on the causes of family homelessness and low income is one of the reasons explicitly discussed among others. Also considering that family homelessness is an aspect that has also touched on the lives of children. It has been identified as one of the traumatic and devastating issue to the lives of young children considering some are deliberately detached from their parental love knowingly or unknowingly and this affects them the rest of their lives (Zamprelli 3).
In support of the issues predominantly discussed as trends involved and causes of family homelessness, the study makes use of three diverse sources to obtain pertinent information. Literature review, structured telephoned interviews capturing 74 key agency informants besides one to one interviews involving a total of 59 families who were homeless or previously homeless. A clear consistency of data from these three sources of data is a clear indication that family homeless is an aspect that is a reality and ought to be controlled its continued escalation to other parts (Zamprelli 5).
Works cited
Zamprelli, Jim. Family Homelessness: Causes and Solutions, Canada: Social Planning and
Research Council of B.C., Deborah Kraus and Paul Dowling 2003

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