Example Of The Existential Necessity Of Midlife Change Article Review

Published: 2021-07-15 18:40:06
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The article provides information on how life can be productive at midlife. For instance, the life of Jaques was more productive from the age of 38. Since midlife is set to be between the ages of 43 to 62, Jaques managed to write 12 books and consulted for a wide variety of clients. During his seventies and eighties, Jaques was able to formulate some of the best ideas. This clearly shows that the common notion of people saying that, as a person ages, productivity goes down. Consequently, to expand on the idea that life can be productive at midlife, the common myth of midlife crisis needs to be demystified.
Most people view midlife based on the problems that one is likely to encounter. For instance, health problem is one of the major problems associated with midlife. People need to focus on the advantages that come with midlife. For example, most executives usually have a lot of professional experience at this age, which helps them to deal with issues more calmly and with a clear perspective. Additionally, understanding that limitations will always be there provides people at midlife with the ability to make decisions without haste.
In addition, to be able to realize the potential at midlife the ideologies of magical transformations need to be clearly understood. Magical transformations do not happen. For humans to realize their goals they have to do things through trial and error, with a lot of fear in order. Peoples’ desires and dreams need to be connected to their potential if they are to be industrious in their midlife.
People who make career changes during their midlife ages need guidance and help in order to be productive. Some of the help can be obtained from personal coaches and therapists. Organizations need to provide their executives tools and training that will equip them in their lives after they leave their jobs. Such training can help most executives to understand that, after their jobs, it could be the beginning of their second part of life.
Most people in the midlife do not view the future as promising. Such people after retirement usually live a miserable life that is full of complaining and whining. Organizations need to increase and help executives, and other individuals to be able to increase their productive in their old age. This can be achieved by equipping them with skills that will be beneficial in their futures.
Work Cited
Strenger, Carlo, and Arie Ruttenberg. "The Existential Necessity of Midlife Change." Harvard
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