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Published: 2021-07-16 10:15:06
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Quick Summary
How to be a savvy intern is an article that addresses various issues about interns. It illustrates how interns can be of great importance to the students in their future careers. The article starts by describing the experiences of Ohel who was an intern at the state department. It addresses how Ohel was unsatisfied by the intern in this organization because it did not meet the expectations he had. In the first place, the tasks assigned to Ohel seem unreasonable considering the course he is taking. He usually prepared meeting briefing documents and also attended various briefing meetings. He typed various documents in addition to running errands. Even though this was his place of choice on intern, it did not satisfy him.
The article addresses the way one should conduct himself in an intern. It is very important that an individual takes him/herself as a worker like any other and not an intern. This will make an individual to be given reasonable jobs that will help improve the professional career he/she is pursuing.
Another thing about internship is that an individual should choose an organization that he/she is interested in and relates to the profession that he/she wishes to peruse. This will ensure that individuals gain the necessary skills that will help in the future real life activities.
Usually, interns are assigned mentors. The interns should be close to these people so that any problems that may arise can be effectively addressed. However, the interns should ensure that the mentor is co operative and is of advantage to him/her and if this does not apply, the intern can usually seek assistance from other workers.
Generally, the article shows the importance of intern to students. It helps one apply class knowledge in real life situation in addition to helping an individual create contacts with other interns and workers. Interns are very helpful in helping an individual get the first job.
The article working for credit is also about the importance of internship to the students. The article tries to educate how internships are both advantageous for both the students and the employees. It has been highlighted that internships can be costly and be part of time wastage if not taken seriously.
According to the article, internship programs have made education in various states very expensive. It has been noted that internships have not been there for some degree courses such as arts but currently, internships have become a must for one to graduate for any degree course. Study shows that internships have created jobs for 50b percent of the students. This is because 50 percent of the students in interns get jobs in the organizations they are attached to.
Internships have benefited the employees in many ways. In the first place, the organizations are able to get the talents they get by just evaluating the interns they have. They can then absorb such interns for the benefit of their organization. This is also advantageous in that the organizations do not waste a lot of money training new employees.
Generally, for one to have a beneficial internship, various steps should be taken. First, there should be a clear goal of going for the intern. Secondly, there should be proper arrangement so that an individual is aware of the responsibilities he/she is expected to carry out in the intern. An individual should also ensure that he/she has enough time to be with the other workers at the place of attachment so that he/she can benefit fully.
I have learnt various things from the studies. First, I have realized that one should take him/herself to be a worker and not an intern so that he/she can be able to learn more from the internship activity. The other thing is that creating a good relationship in the place of intern is important in that one is able to learn effectively in addition to increasing the chances of becoming employed. I have also learnt that interns should be taken with the seriousness they deserve so that they may not become expensive and a waste of time. Finally, I have learnt that one should carefully select the place of intern. The place of choice should be such that it helps in applying the class knowledge in real life situations.

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