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Published: 2021-07-16 01:10:06
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Health Information Technology
1. Who should be responsible for funding and implementation of EMR/EHR?
In my opinion I think state entities such as health care services funded by the federal should take care of this cost. This would help relieve the burden placed on private investors who eventually filter that cost down to the consumer/ patient. Anytime there are major technological changes in health care the costs go the consumer who already cannot afford health care due to either lack of insurance coverage or rising costs of care (Buntin, 2010).
2. What incentives should be offered by policy makers to influence providers?
Incentives that ought to be offered by policy makers to influence providers’ introduction of this service in their industry should include tax breaks and subsided costs of equipment. Besides they could offer free training for persons who have to actually implement the system within the work environment.
Buntin, M. (2010). Health IT: Laying the Infrastructure for National Health Reform. Health
Affairs, 2(6), 1214-1216.
Health and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on South African households: a cohort study
Why is the research question significant?
The research is significant because it seeks an understanding of to the public health impact of disease prevalence within a particular geographic location.
What was known or unknown before the study was conducted?
Before the study was conducted all that was known related to HIV/AIDS effecting South African households, but the study proved that the impact was detrimental to the society producing serious poverty.
What was the purpose of the study?
The purpose of this study was to find out the extent of economic and health impacts of HIV/AIDS in South Africa through scientific research
What was the study design?
This researcher adopted a comparative analysis survey of households affected by HIV/AIDS with those without the disease. Precisely, the researchers described it as a ‘controlled cohort design ‘(Bachmann & Booysen, 2003).
Who was in the study population(s)/sample(s)?
The population consisted of persons affected with the disease and those unaffected. A representative sample was taken from, ‘one rural and one urban area in Free State province, South Africa,’ (Bachmann & Booysen, 2003).
What was the outcome and was it consistent with the researcher(s)' original research question?
The outcome was very successful and consistent with the researchers’ original question. It proved that, ‘HIV/AIDS affects the health and wealth of households as well as infected individuals, aggravating pre-existing poverty’ (Bachmann & Booysen, 2003).
What recommendation(s) did the researcher offer for future studies?
The recommendations offered were not directly related to future study, but government intervention in supporting families affected by the disease who are poverty stricken.
What was your personal reaction to the findings and research design?
The research design was appropriate and was applied with enough scientific intelligence for comprehensive findings to be validated.
Bachmann, M., & Booysen, F. (2003). Health and economic impact of HIV/AIDS on South
African households: a cohort study. Journal of Public Health, 3(14), 1471-2458

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