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Published: 2021-07-19 22:50:06
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I have worked hard to get where I am today - looking back on my life thus far, I have noticed quite a few patterns emerging. Among these are a tendency to work hard no matter the outcome, a tremendous focus on my studies and academics, and substantial efforts to leverage that with a plethora of other interests and studies. With these things in mind, I wish to further my education and hone my efforts to become a more fully-realized member of the world community by transferring to Middlesex University to study business. It is my greatest hope that I be allowed to have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing program, and I believe that my efforts to date match up with the high standards set by this institution.
My academic career is something I in which take a great deal of pride. By the age of 15, I had finished by GCSEs, receiving As in Arabic and French, with Bs in ICT, maths and English language and literature. Though I did well in my GCSEs, I knew that I could do better - I sincerely wished to improve my academic performance and my study skills, using this opportunity to hone my abilities for time management, study practice and reading comprehension in particular. Two years after that, at 17, I finished my A levels, with my art, economics, sociology and maths at A2 level; I achieved AS levels for Arabic and photography as well.
In addition to my focus on academics, I have done my best to expand my horizons and engage wholeheartedly in community service; I believe that it is the responsibility of every human being to use what skills and energy they have in the service of others, as well as actively pursue one's goals. With that in mind, I spent quite a bit of time doing volunteer work in Uganda, helping to feed and educate children and sustain communities and villages during my stay. This experience in particular was very enlightening, as it allowed me to understand the greater scope of our actions more than I ever had before. I have also been employed in some capacity or another since I was 16, finding ways to balance my work life with my studies; I believe this makes me uniquely capable of handling many complex tasks and organize my time and energy efficiently.
My volunteer work aside, I have also taken many steps toward advancing my career in business, taking several high-profile internships at the House of Lords, an architectural company in Dubai and a trading company in Saudi Arabia. In all of these settings, I have learned substantially from my superiors, and gained quite a bit of hands-on experience as to how our government and businesses work, especially as it relates to international business in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. I am extremely grateful for these experiences, as they have armed me with the tools I need to succeed in my future career prospects in international business.
Looking back on my work and my academic career thus far, I have learned many things - the importance of patience and hard work, as well as determination and the ability to multitask. Ever since I became a teenager, I have strived to do the best I can at whatever I set out to do, making my desire to transfer to Middlesex (in order to improve my academic experience) the most logical step I can take for my career and my life.

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