Example Of Identification And Classification In Autism Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-07-08 15:00:06
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Autism is one of the common problems which affect the children in early ages. Parents may not recognize this problem sometimes but Pediatricians can easily trace the problem as they encounter a number of such cases. Government and Several organizations are working sincerely to bring awareness among the people. This paper discusses three articles, published in different journals which informs about the autism, its identification and classification. It informs about the geometric approach for structural variants. Articles provide a deep insight about the various behavioral patterns of autistic people. Authors described how IQ level and behavior of autistic people are different from others, with the help of experiments and past studies conducted on the subject. All three articles covered in the paper provide variety of information on the autism and autistic people. One article provide information on history and identification another provide information on behavior pattern whereas the third article discuss Geometric Analysis of Structural Variants.
Chris Plauche Johnson, Scott M. Myers and the Council on Children With Disabilities. (2007). Identification and Evaluation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders. Pediatrics , 1183-1215.
The article, we are going to discuss is “Identification and Evaluation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders” which is published in PEDIATRICS, a journal from the American academy of pediatrics. The journal is known for delivering high quality articles and research works on the important issues. The article is written by Chris Plauche Johnson, MD, M Ed and Scott. M. Myers, MD with the help of council on children with disabilities. Both the authors are expert of the subject and they have been working intensively on the subject. Several reports and articles of the authors are published on the subject and are benefitting the people. This article thoroughly discusses the autism, its history, identification and several other related aspects of the subject. The article is not only very informative but it is also very elaborative and covers several previous works done on the area under discussion.
Lynn Waterhouse, Robin Morris, Doris Allen, Michelle Dunn, Deborah Fein, Carl Feinstein, Isabelle Rapin and Lorna Wing. (1996). Diagnosis and classification in autism . Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders , 59-86.
Another article “Diagnosis and classification in autism” is published in the Journal of autism and developmental disorders. The publisher of this article is a leading journal in the field of behavioral science and publishes extraordinary works done by the researchers and academicians. The article focuses on the autism, its identification, diagnosis, causes and the methods of treatment. The article is an outcome of several researches by the experts of this field. Lynn Waterhouse, Robin Morris, Doris Allen, Michelle Dunn, Deborah Fein, Carl Feinstein, Isabelle Rapin and Lorna Wing are The people, who have prepared this article, have taken the assistance of National Institutes of Health grant during their research and writing of this article
Suzanne Sindi, Elena Helman, Ali Bashir and Benjamin J. Raphael. (2009). A geometric approach for classification and comparison of structural variants. Bioinformatics , 222-230.
The article “A geometric approach for classification and comparison of structural variants” is published in Bioinformatics, a leading oxford journal which publishes high quality articles related to the scientific, psychological issues and review research works done by the academicians and other intellectuals. The article is a joint work of Suzanne sindi, Elena Helman, Ali Bashir and Benjamin. L. Raphael. The article provides a comprehensive account of the genome structure and discusses several related aspects of the structural variants. The authors have mentioned Geometric Analysis of Structural Variants as an approach to identify, classify and compare.

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