Example Of Do You Want To Tell US That Mr Khan Who Lectures In Hotel Management Is Ugly I Asked Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-07-12 19:00:06
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As we were strolling down the streets after classes, my three friends and I met an exceptionally handsome boy who was friends with one of our friends. He identified himself as Gerry and knew about our friend Perry and me. After a short while of hand shake, he went ahead with his journey in the opposite direction. At that point, Yvonne our mutual friend shook her head in bewilderment and then went numb for a while. We did not know what she was up to.
After requesting her to let us know what was wrong, she finally claimed in a whispering voice that Gerry reminds her of all handsome boys and their failure to perform better in technical courses and the general class work. “With the entire charming look, he possesses he is always the last in the class ranking list”, she said.
Her perception over handsome boys and the aspect failure triggered a serious, lengthy argument amongst the three of us. “Does it mean that any boy who is handsome performs poorly in class?” Perry asked her. Her response was that a typical example has just passed-by.
“Look at the number of boys who do the literature and cooking courses like hotel management, they are very few and the few ones are not good looking at all,” Yvonne used in her support. At that moment, I had to let her know that the boy’s fate was just a mere coincidence for not all handsome boys underperform in the technical courses.
“And does it mean that Joe and Daniel who are always in top three in our class are ugly too?” Perry added. At this point, Yvonne could just mumble to support her notion, which to us was a mere stereotyping. We mentioned a number of facts that proved her wrong and then she admitted and apologized for her wrong perception.

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