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Published: 2021-07-08 06:40:05
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Over the past few years it was really upsetting to tell someone that you met your partner online. Our main purpose of the dating website is to let our clients have fun with other people or some sort of virtual entertainment and strive to see that persons with related events would surely be appropriate to begin a fruitful relationship. Others may decide to date casually while others commit into them willingly. The site should be able to help some or all of our clients get married or get into real relationships.

Why we need this site

One main reason for the need to have a website is that there is a high usage of the Internet,. Many people find the Internet convenient to connect. There is the rise of the use of social networks which are easy to get accounts and connect even with far people. There are many people who get interested with far spouses with the view of having close relations. Due to the recent developments in the 21st century, a lot of people have found it hard to find a marriage partner or a spouse. It is from this that we came up with the idea of developing a web based dating service first; to help those in relationship problems then second as a business venture to generate income.

Why our visitors need this site

Making the decision to visit a dating site might be a lifetime’s best decision as it may bring you real love from someone special. Over the past few years it’s been realized that dating sites provide a good chance to get to know a special person in your life than many other methods such as social chat rooms. Our visitors probably need our site for fun, real entertainment, flirting and maybe a foundation for real serious relationship. In most cases our visitors will have real intentions to find some lover, future spouse or even a life time partner. Some of them however, will be looking for entertainment without any real intentions to find someone for their real life.

Audience, Brief description of target audience, General geographic location of audience, Estimate number of people and average ages

Since we intend to publicize ourselves very much in Australia, we expect visitors as many as 2,800,000 distinct visitors per month. Meaning that 90,000 visitor will visit our site daily. International visitors outside Australia will represent only 4% of the total number of visitors since we mainly target Australian citizens and singles within it. From statistics in Australia it is noted that there are many female singles than men singles which go Ia ratio of 6.5 to 3.5 of the total dating site target population. From past experiences it is true that man audiences pay quite well than women singles and hence if we have a high demand for men then we can achieve quality service since men have a bigger pool of women to make choices from. Again most of our target populations are with ages between 36-55 years hence a large number of them are mature, with well established financial status from their careers. But then from this group we also expect that a large number of them have kids in the (6-17) age bracket. It is mostly likely that most of our clients will be older than 32 years with kids.

Familiarity with computers and Internet

The 21st as seen great improvements in technology from pocket phones, ipads to computers, internet has also evolved greatly. From our target audiences it is noted that a large number of them have good careers hence a stable income from this its mostly likely that they can afford computers and internet. We also have internet enabled pocket phones which are a great source of internet connectivity. Basically a large number of our audiences would know or have basic knowledge on computer and internet use.

Most compelling thing you want the audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site

Our main aim is to try and see if people with related similarities and interest can come together and begin a lasting relationship. Hence do not get frustrated when you get rejected in your first date the focus is not all on men role in the relationship subject since women also have to ready themselves prior to getting out on a date. Both men and women should always try to look pretty and handsome respectively so us to draw attention from each other. Try always not to be an imposter an expose yourself as something your not. Lastly bear in mind that dating is an occurrence that requires concentration from all involved parties.


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