Example Of Course Work On Group Dynamics

Published: 2021-07-06 13:25:05
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Working in groups brings about several challenges that come with working with people who have different opinions, perspectives, temperaments, skills and level of education. A group embodies the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each member. The strengths come out when the group is achieving what it is supposed to but when it fails to do so, the weaknesses come out. Resistance comes about when the members are at loggerheads with each other or when the group leader makes decisions without the approval and sometimes even consent of the majority.
Groups largely fail because there is no single member in the group who will feel responsible for the entire group hence no one has that burden. Also in a group there is a phenomenon that is known as ‘group think’ where the group makes decisions as a unit often times without looking at alternative courses of action. This phenomenon is common among groups where the members try to minimize conflict so as to maintain harmony. Some level of conflict is necessary so as to iron out any underlying issues that might be made vague by group think. For a group to avoid resistance and be successful the opinion of everyone should be considered and decisions should be reached by a majority vote.
The article by Nathan relates to group dynamics in that it deals with decision making in groups which is integral issue for group efficiency. The article outlines the importance of decision making in a group and why it should be done as smoothly as possible.
It is important that everybody be involved in decision making in a group (Nathan 49). This will ensure smooth implementation of the decisions made. Every member must feel part of the group by participating in all activities the group is involved in. members must show commitment, loyalty and vision as well as enthusiasm to carry out their responsibilities. Groups are capable of coming up with bright ideas that will help the group and organization as a whole but when gone unchecked group think can creep in causing members to think narrowly and come up with ideas that are half baked.
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