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Published: 2021-07-18 12:50:06
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Analysis of the proposal
Although, Mr. Spellman had come up with an outstanding proposal of improving services at Wise Medical Center, they are not fully acceptable. He did not consider the history on previous amendments, which have been conducted in the same sector. The proposal was not well thought of since Mr. Spellman did not consult fellow professional in the medical field. Therefore, this proposal needed some amendments to make it viable for Wise Medical Center.
The idea of putting all the departments under different organizational structure and administration is not vital. This is because each of these structures will be calling for extra expenses making the system uneconomical (Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt, 2010). In return, the clinic will become expensive, making it unable to serve everyone since not everyone would afford expensive medication.
The second recommendation revolves around the fact that all the divided sectors are dependent of each other. This means that operations would become hard if each of the departments operated independently. For example, all departments need to maintain their information systems (Gilad & Reed, 1991). If such a department was centralized, confusion would flood the clinic. Therefore, it is recommendable for all sectors to maintain their system to make running smooth with reliable systems of operation.
The system also needs to create a room for research which has not been considered in the proposal. Research is part of medical practices, and it has to be incorporated in any improvements which are to be conducted in a system (Gilad & Reed, 1991). Therefore, Mr. Bones’ question should be ignored in the amendments for the proposal.
Also, it should be the aim of the clinic to make every employee responsible. Therefore, there would be no need to make some of the employees the mangers to other employees. This may create reluctance at work as some people may appear irresponsible becoming hectic to the entire system.
Gilad J. Kuperman , Reed M. Gardner, Help: A Dynamic Hospital Information System, Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., Secaucus, NJ, 1991
Shelly, G. B., Cashman, T. J., & Rosenblatt, H. J. (2010). Systems analysis and design (8th ed.). Boston, Mass.: Thomson Course Technology.

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