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Published: 2021-07-15 08:15:05
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Discussion and Test Answers
14. This is because the body’s cells need oxygen for extracting energy from organic molecules such as amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars (“Gas Exchange”).
15. This is because the process where cells extract energy from organic cells results in the production of carbon dioxide, which the body must dispose of (“Gas Exchange”).
16. Nitrogen (Freudenrich).
18. Cellular respiration (Tamarkin)
22. Respiratory control centers in the brain, with the medullary respiratory center as the main respiratory center (Sherwood).
23. pH (“Respiratory Function”)
32. Having lots of red blood cells may not be as beneficial as having the normal number
Yes, I think that cryonics give people false hopes since it’s not yet a proven or perfected technology. It is still largely experimental. Moreover, cryonics is not applicable for everyone and can work only under certain conditions, that is, if the body is not severely damaged by disease or old age. Its limitation is that crystals form inside the body’s cells when the body is frozen and these crystals can destroy the cells (Magalhães). As well, the rewarming process can damage the cells as the thawing and combination of ice crystals create tension in the cells.
Discussion 1:
I agree that it is better to go with nature’s way, that is, if it is your time to go then it is better to just accept it. While it’s possible for cryonics to work, it’s also possible for it to make your life even worse. In addition, there’s the question of whether you would still be your old self -- in terms of your identity and your memories – after you are revived.
Discussion 2:
I totally agree with everything you said. We should let nature take its course. Having a loved one undergo cryonics is just as bad as if they died because we still wouldn’t have them with us, and even if they do get revived, would we still be around to see them being well? Would they be as happy, too, to find out that everyone they love is already gone? I think this would defeat the purpose of cryonics if the purpose is for us to prolong the time we have with our loved ones.
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