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Published: 2021-07-20 19:35:06
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Air pollution
Annotated bibliography
Gurjar, Bhola. R. Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts. Florida: CRC Press, 2010. Print.
This is a reliable source of information on air pollution. The book covers the complex nature in which various stakeholders attempt to alleviate the problem of air pollution around the globalized, industrialized world.
Stephenson, John. B. Air Pollution: Air Quality, Visibility, and the Potential Impacts of Coal-Fired Power Plants on Great Basin National Park, Nevada. Pennsylvania: DIANE Publishing, 2010.Print
This is a 22 page report that addresses the problem that faces the environment around the Great National Park posed by the coal fired plants that are to be built about 55 miles from the park. The report identifies the various ways in which the plants will alter the ecosystem and interfere with the relatively clean air around this locality.
Donald, Rhonda. Lucas. Air Pollution. New York: Scholastic Library Pub, 2001. Print.
Air pollution covers the basic tenets of air pollution. It is written in a simple language that can be understood by young and older individuals as well. Covers the problems of air pollution and provides ideas of how to clean up the air.
Tiwary, Abhishek, Jeremy Colls. Air Pollution: Measurement, Modeling and Mitigation. London: Taylor & Francis, 2010. Print.
This is a comprehensive scientific research on air pollution and the environment in general. The book has comprehensive scientific information that shows the relationship of various elements in the environment that contribute to air pollution. It also presents mechanisms which can be implemented to alleviate air pollution.
Harrop Owen. Air Quality Assessment and Management: A Practical Guide. London: Spon, 2002. Print.
This is a practical guide that covers air management issues. It reviews the various principles of air management, the primary sources of pollution, their effects on flora and fauna and the mitigation processes that should be implemented.
Gay, Kathlyn. Air Pollution. London: Watts Publishers, 1991. Print.
Gay gives an overview of current legislations and the various technologies that are being adopted to curb air pollution. The book covers the various sources of pollution such as green house gases and their resultant acid rains, ozone depletion and other adverse effects to the environment.
Heinsohn, Robert. Jennings and Robert, Lynn. Kabel. Sources and Control of Air Pollution: New York: Prentice Hall, 1999. Print.
The book gives an engineering perspective of air pollution and control measures. It presents the anthropogenic and natural causes of air pollution and the various engineering mechanism to curb the causes rather than to wait for them to occur first. It also provides information on the industrial processes that can be implemented to reduce the emission of air pollutants from industries.
Newton, David. E. Chemistry of the Environment. New York: Chemistry of the Environment, 2009. Print.
This book is a research on environmental chemistry. It covers topics on environmental chemistry and water and air pollution chemistry. It gives a scientific analysis of environmental pollutants and provides some scientific solutions to the problems identified.
Masters, Gilbert. M. Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science. New York: Prentice Hall, 1991. Print.
The book presents the technical aspects of environmental pollution. It not only offers scientific analysis of various pollution sources but also provides some mathematical solutions that can be implemented in pollution alleviation. It is a book worth reading to understand the detailed and analytical causes of air and environmental pollution.
Dolan, Edward F. Our Poisoned Sky. New York: Cobble hill Books, 1991. Print.
This is a simple publication that explains how various pollutants are polluting the environment in various places around the world and the measures being taken to alleviate the pollution.

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