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Published: 2021-07-06 01:45:04
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Greetings Sir/Madam
I have always been interested to learn more about things that surround me, particularly about the things that have something to do with the areas of Science and Research. For this, I find that joining an appropriate Apprenticeship program would be my best bet to meet my career goals in the future and to pursue my interests at the same time.
The fields of science and research being offered at your program are what I am really interested at and I guarantee that this will never be a wasted opportunity because I have a lot of means to use the new knowledge that I will gain throughout the apprenticeship program.
All of the fields (horticulture, computer technology, entomology, applied biotechnology and human nutrition) that I have chosen are somewhat related to each other. This makes learning them all at one spot a very effective means of honing my skills and widening the horizons of my knowledge at a significant level.
Joining the program will surely help me reach my future career goals. I want to provide myself with detailed information about my choices because according to Farren (2009), career mapping with, in the most detailed sense, will always play an important role on the development of an individual both academically and morally. Fortunately, opportunities that will help me accomplish my goals and plans have been abundant these days and I can’t afford to let them pass.
Farren, C. (2009). The Importance of Career Mapping. Mastery Works. Accessed October 2011.
Available at http://www.masteryworks.com/newsite/clientimpact/impact_archives_june09.htm.

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