Ethical Issue And Core Stakeholders Case Study

Published: 2021-07-09 10:25:05
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The protagonist of the case is Derek Evans, an employee of SofTec, who is faced with a choice whether to pursue own self-interest by using Locite’s software for SofTec, or whether to inform Loctite, Inc., his previous employer, about the project and to request their permission for the software use. The case also involves other stakeholders. Thus, Loctite, Inc. is affected by Derek’s choice , since their revenues depend on the number of software copies sold. SofTec is also interested in the final decision, since they can significantly enhance their performance with Derek’s software without paying for its use, thus increasing profits.
Ethical Philosophy
In the situation discussed in the case, it may be most appropriate to adopt deontological approach to decision-making. In this way, the appropriateness of using the software without notifying Locite Inc. should be considered in the light of the existing rules, in particular the laws governing the use of Intellectual Property Right. It is also the safest strategy because non-adherence to the country legislation may result in significant penalties both for Derek and SofTec, since the software has been developed not solely by Derek and most probably it has been copyrighted by Locite Inc. Therefore, deontological ethics suggests that before notifying Locite Inc., Derek should seek legal support from SofTec lawyers. In case using software is illegal without Locite Inc. permission, SofTec managers could still give Derek the new position, in view of the fact that his thorough approach helped the company to avoid court trials.
The suggested deontological philosophy is likely to be positively perceived by both companies and by the general public. Although the final decision will create winners and losers, it is hardly possible for either of the parties to question or disapprove a course of actions, which was suggested by the existing laws.

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