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Published: 2021-07-10 05:15:05
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Environmental issue
Environmental Chemicals is one of the articles found in the Environmental Health Perspectives peer- reviewed professional journal. The article deals with the impacts of environmental chemicals to human health. This has been done through extensive bio monitoring programs, which have led to increased knowledge of human exposure to various chemicals found in the environment. The article reveals that low chemical doses can also be every dangerous to the life of human being.
Research problem
The main research problem is the effects of the environmental chemicals to human beings especially the vulnerable population such as the pregnant mothers and the developing fetuses as well as the elderly. It also focuses on the effects of low-dose exposure of environmental chemicals to human beings. This has led to increased knowledge on how the chemicals are distributed especially the endocrine disruptors.
Research procedures
The research methods used are bio monitoring as well as epidemiological studies. Epidemiology involves the use of scientific as well as medical study in finding out the origin, development and spread of certain environmentally related diseases. Bio monitoring is a process whereby scientists monitor chemicals found in the bodies of organisms. In the article; for instance, scientists measure and track the chemicals found in human beings using blood or urine samples so that they supervise the rate of chemical exposure.
Flaws in the procedural design
Use of biomonitoring and epidemiological designs could not show how the chemicals got to the environment. Simply, “the routes of exposure for the chemicals were not revealed” (Bimbaum, 2012) In addition to that, it did not give accurate as well as consistent data. This is because; metabolism curves for various chemicals were inaccurate.
Data analysis
Justifiable conclusions
Birnbaum L. (2012). “Environmental Chemicals: Evaluating Low-Dose Effects”. Environ Health
Perspect. Retrieved from: http://dx.doi.org/10.1289/ehp.1205179

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