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Published: 2021-07-07 07:25:04
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Article critique
Reference: Cols,M.D. & Bartres-Faz.D (2002). Applied Neuropsychology, 9. 117-120
The study involved twenty-three females and 17 males. The average age of the participants was twenty-two and half years old. Although the participants were computer literate, the study only selected the students who had not suffered from neurological or psychological problems. The participants also lacked any prior knowledge on the use of the Tower of Hanoi equipment.
There was random division of the participants into two groups. The first group had to undergo the test by using the wooden version (3D) of the TH after, which the computerized version (2D) had to be administered. The second group started with the computerized version then followed by wooden version. For involuntary movement of the disk to specific pegs, each participant had to pull the mouse. The recording of the results was manually for the wooden version TH or automatic for the computerized one. Statistically, the analysis of the TH puzzle was through observation of the movements of the disk, the errors recorded, the frequency of the reversions and the time taken by each of the participant to accomplish the task. By applying the statistical methods of analyzing data, the difference in the results between the two groups was calculated. According to the researchers, the results obtained had no significant difference as expounded next.
All the groups and the dependent variables produced similar results. However, the number of reversions produced when using the wooden version TH was high when compared to the computerized version. Secondly, the number of movements recorded by females was higher than that of the males. For instance, approximately, the males had 25 moves while the females 30 move. Consequently, men took less time to complete the assignment when compared to the females. While the men took approximately 86.9 seconds, the female took about 39 seconds more to complete the same task. Thirdly, the computerized TH was faster and easier to operate then the manual one. Therefore, both of the TH can produce significant results, which are independent of the version.
The researchers did not balance the number of participants used in the study gender. They used only 17 males, which had a significant difference to the number of females used (nine more). Furthermore, the researchers did not give the reason for the gender biasness in the experiment. Secondly, the researchers did not verify the races of the participants because it may not only assist in the critical analysis of the TH puzzle but also establish the effectiveness of the device in different parts of the world. Finally, the researchers gave contradictory reports on the effectiveness of the device when it comes to gender basis. Consequently, their assertion may a null one of their conclusions that women need more time to operate a TH puzzle. Despite of the aforementioned flaws and weakness, the researchers explicitly give their conclusion that both the computerized and wooden version TH puzzles are effective. They also arrange their article and findings (which are in table format) to ensure the audience/reader understands. Secondly, they correctly give reference from other scholarly articles, which have carried out a similar experiment. Although the number of participants is insignificantly large, the researchers recommend, another study, which should establish the effectiveness of the TH device in females.

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