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Published: 2021-07-17 23:30:06
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When developing a prospect list, my goal will be strategic so that I can be efficient and effective. Before developing my prospect list, I will first identify the kind of customers that I am looking for. This will involve establishing who is the perfect customer for my company? In order to develop a prospect list I will follow the following:
1. First I will consider all of my business affiliation as a potential prospect.
2. Establish old customers that have not made any recent purchases
3. Cross selling – I will define other Sales Representatives who sell other items?
4. Recommendations by current customers
5. Directories and Industry Associations
6. I will do networking
7. I will appeal business offices
8. I will develop associations with other companies that sell services and products that would complement my offerings.
Alternative methods that could be used
Instead of having to go through all the processes that are involved in the development of prospect list I can as well use other alternatives such as internet. This includes use of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Google alert, Jigsaw, and Zoom info.
A message that I can post to generate interest in my product of service
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